Individualized Caregiving

We understand that a loved one can encounter a lack of independence in their later years and can lead to the loss of individuality, self-reliance and an increased dependency on others. We strive through attentive care and a unique assistance plan to help your loved one perform as many daily tasks on their own, to maintain their independence and sense of dignity, while helping them work through what they may find challenging. All the while, we are supportive of their needs and wants and attempt to make them feel as comfortable as possible in their daily routine.  We understand that the needs of every person are unique to their own lifestyle and circumstances, and it is with this open mindedness that we approach your loved one’s care plan. We can offer any number of services to help make your family member’s life more peaceful and enjoyable.

Standard Services

  • Personal Hygiene Assistance
  • Medication Reminders
  • Meal preparation/Diet monitoring
  • Transfer Assistance
  • Light housekeeping
  • Errands and Shopping (Incidenotal transporation)
  • Joyful companionship
  • Mornings, mid-day, evenings
  • Temporary or Long term
  • Weekends, holidays
  • Respite for family caregivers


Additional Services

  • Clinical Care Services (Both RN & LVN's on stadd to coordinate care & facilitate medication management) 
  • Palliative/ End of Life (Comfort care and Family Support)
  • Client Advocacy/Coordination of Benefits (Navigation of comprehensive care plan for both immediate and long term goals)
  • Comfort Luxury Care Services:
    - Hair Styling
    - Manicures and Pedicures
    - Massage (both for medical and therapeutic needs)
  • Specially Prepared Meals (addressing special needs, limitations, and taste)
  • After Rehabilitation Care (Implement Physical Therapy schedule)

Clinical Care Services

Healing Hands Care providers are trained to provide a complete home assessment; coordinate care with you or your loved one's physician, home health, or hospice provider to ensure that all of your medical needs are taken into consideration in customizing your individual care plan. Our Registered Nurses will also handle medication administration, skin and wound/dressing care, drainage tubes, in addition to monitoring blood glucose levels, continued vital signs, and weight as needed. All important medical information can be monitored and documented to assist in your physician's medical supervision and treatment plan while you are provided with quality, personal care at your home or residential facility.

Palliative/ End of Life Care

We know and understand that your loved one’s needs will change as they get further along in their life and especially as they get closer to end of life. We offer a compassionate and caring staff to ensure that your family member’s needs are met with the greatest sensitivity and respect that they deserve.  At such a critical time, a gentle hand and a kind heart can make all the difference. Our staff knows that maintaining the quality of life for the patient is one of the most important responsibilities we assume when you entrust us with the care for your family member. As the patient nears the end of life helping them change their clothes or changing the texture of their food to make it easier for them to swallow, for example, are ways in which our qualified and attentive staff can change the care plan as the demands change. Having a qualified staff that knows how to address these special care needs sets us apart.

Client Advocacy/Coordination of Care Benefits

It can be very challenging understanding one's health insurance benefits. Many people are unclear as to what kid of medical care is covered under their insurance plan(s). Whether it be Medicare with a secondary supplemental, a government plan, employer retirement benefit, private insurance or perhaps a long term care policy, many people have questions. At Healing Hands Caregiving, we have qualified personnel to assist you in the navigation and coordination of care for your loved one. We can help review your insurance plan(s) to determine what is and is not covered and help to facilitate comprehensive care and services with other health care providers covered by your insurance.

We can also assist in ensuring that you and your loved ones are aware of other community and social services available such as DMV Senior Drivers, Meals on Wheels and Senior Connect, to name a few. Healing Hands Caregiving can also in finding an appropriate facility with the level of care necessary to provide a safe and loving environment should the home setting no longer be a viable option.

Long Term or Temporary Care

One of the most important ideals we apply to our services at Healing Hands is that the needs of every patient are different and that every person we help is more than their needs. We see the dignity in asking for help a few hours a week or in requiring assistance around the clock. We have the skilled staff to accommodate any schedule, no matter what your family member’s needs.  We understand that their needs do not begin or stop on a given and planned schedule and so we employ skilled and attentive staff to ensure that they respond appropriately and timely to any situation. Our commitment to providing quality service is why we do not have any binding contract to a specific time frame for assisting someone. Our presence is based on the demand for our services, whether those needs increase or decrease. Being qualified, dependable and flexible to our client’s needs is why Healing Hands Caregiving can assist with varying needs. It’s your choice to decide based on the quality of our caregiving.

Specializing in Care with Alzheimer’s and Dementia

When one of your loved ones suffers from Alzheimer’s and the resulting dementia and other emotional, psychological and physical ailments it can place an overwhelming burden on you and your family. The questions that arise about how to care for someone who is showing early stages of this condition can be confusing or frustrating. At Healing Hands we offer gladly offer assistance in relieving some of that burden and helping you and your family adjust to the changes occurring in your loved one’s life.
Perhaps you have a loved one that has been suffering from Alzheimer’s for some time now and you are finding that meeting their care needs is becoming daunting. In either of these situations, Healing Hands offers excellent staff members who knows exactly how to help you, your family member and provide the best possible care for all parties involved.  We can offer help for a few hours a day, a couple of days a week, or a more comprehensive and involved role with higher demand of time devoted to the necessary care of your family member.

Trusting your loved one to be cared for can be one of the most important decisions to make. Healing Hands care team provides the caring touch to give the ease to both the individual being cared for and for all that are involved in the well being of that individual. Providing comfort, quality, and reassurance are of the utmost importance. Just as we each are individuals, we at Healing Hands know and respect that our clients needs are just as individual. Our management can facilitate a personalized care plan, along with a ideal match of caregiver(s). Make an appointment today by calling 805.235.2335 for your complimentary in home consultation.